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American Hunting Dog Club

The primary training publication, "Training the Sporting Dog", © 2002, Second Edition, by Don Smith and Ervin E. Jones, documents the Club's training program. The manual contains over 300 pages of detailed instructions with photographs clearly demonstrating critical techniques. Following is a copy of the manual's index showing its comprehensive nature. One or more sections may be referenced for more detailed information.

Two Pups Photo



1Comments On Training20Negative Command (Leave It)
2The Lead21Walk Him Down
5Duration And Temptation24Flushing
7Mark26Hunting From A Blind
8Concept Of The Far Shore27Hunting From Boats And Canoes
9Decoys28Call Off Retrieve
10Hand Signals29Flush On Command
11Single Marked Long Retrieves30Stop In Mid-Charge
12Blind Retrieves31Honoring
13Multiple Marked And Blind Retrieves32Sit
14Retrieve By Trailing33Down
15Retrieving Distractions34Housebreaking
16Come35Children And Dogs
17Going Afield36Kennel Command
18Hunt Command37Whining, Barking, And Howling
19Turn Command38Fighting

The manual is available, for $35.00, plus $5.00 for shipping and handling, within the continental U.S.