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American Hunting Dog Club


The American Hunting Dog Club is a non-profit, non-stock organization incorporated under the laws of the state of Connecticut.


The AHDC is organized to preserve and improve the opportunity for the enjoyment and appreciation of the American hunting experience and heritage. Objectives are pursued primarily through educational activities addressing issues of game conservation, firearms safety, and hunting dog training methods.


The AHDC sponsors regular clinics to educate dog handlers and assist them in training their dogs.

The Club publishes various training aids to assist the dog handler in learning proper training techniques.

The organization provides testing facilities to evaluate and rate the hunting instincts of hunting dog breeds for screening purposes and to determine the success of the dog's training program at various levels.

The secretary records all available data relating to the genealogy (breeding background) of each dog, and the detailed results of each level of testing for the dog, in a computer database format that is readily available for study.

Club members present demonstrations and training clinics at various sporting clubs and summer youth camps to provide educational support and promote hunting as a worthy and healthy activity.